U n*P o p u l a r
This site wants to do the impossible- to make
obscure music from the far corners of the earth,
captured on old, deteriorating recordings, the
most popular music in the world. What this
website seeks to do is
easy- to make popular
music popular.

The focus of the
Un-Popular Music (U-PM)
site is vintage or old world music, that is,
popular music from across the earth recorded
between the 1890s and about 1970. This
music goes by many names- traditional music,
folk music, ethnic music- all of which are
accurate but obscure the fact that this is first
and foremost
popular music.

In terms of breadth, this music represents
90%+ of our total musical legacy. Not
knowing about this music is like not knowing
exists, or not knowing Mozart exists, or
not knowing
whoever you like the most exists.

In the
twilight of Rock, Rap, Jazz, Country
its time, once again, to fall into the gaping
musical past in search of new sparks of
If music matters, this music is 90%+ of what matters.
But given the way much vintage world music is presented
today, it’s no wonder so few people know about it or get to
experience it.

U-PM wants to change that. This site is not about cultural
representation, curiosity, technique or tradition; it's not
about record labels or matrix numbers. It's about blowing
away the dust of reverence and obscurity to set the music
free today.

The Challenge Today is not building another record
collection or putting out another re-issue- no shortage of
either. The challenge is making sense of old world music
for a wider audience. U-PM attempts to do this through:

U-PM Classics
   2) U-PM Music Shows
   3) U-PM Old World Music Criticism

U-PM is aimed at both the few already convinced of the
power of this music, and the wider public looking for an
accessible starting point and a fresh perspective.

The Time is Now. Today we benefit from unprecedented
access to reissued old world music on CD and online, but
most of us are unaware amid these riches. At the same
time undiscovered originals suffer deterioration and
destruction. Beyond a small band of collectors, U-PM aims
to revive popular interest and reclaim this jubilant heritage.
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M  U  S  I  C
Behind U-PM. My name is Richard Garrett. I've been developing the idea behind the Un-Popular Music
(U-PM) site for many years, and first launched the site publicly in late 2013. I live in Massachusetts, USA,
and I'm originally from England. You can reach me at

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