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What do I want this site to achieve?
Best Music
Ever Made
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2)         Find the best old world music ever recorded,
driven by musical quality not completeness or cultural  
representation. The scale of the task should not be
underestimated. Old world music recordings number in the
hundreds of thousands, yet the majority remain unissued
on contemporary formats, and are scattered to the winds.
Musical masterpieces as compelling as the most
exquisite museum artifact or gallery painting languish in

Amid the confusing mass of CDs, downloads and claims
about the "amazing music" of this and that country, U-PM
is a pathway. U-PM is openness
and standards.

U-PM is a way for everyone, we the prodigal children of
these great traditions, to experience these glories once
again. Beyond nostalgia and exotica, somewhere amid
this debris is the
next big music.
Building on 20+ years experience collecting,
listening to and thinking about old world music, the
U-PM site was created to go
bigger, smarter and
. In the spirit of the pioneers in this field who
have gone before me, U-PM has
two objectives:

Revolutionize the popularity of old
world music
. To present old world music first and
foremost in terms of aesthetic power, musical
quality, emotional impact, whatever term is
preferred, for the contemporary listener. U-PM
aims to push beyond the standard presentation of
vintage world music that emphasizes culture,
representation, style and technique, but risks
rendering popular music rarefied and unknown.