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Best Music
Ever Made
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#10- Sweden (May 2013)

#9- Norway (March 2013)

#8- Switzerland (January 2013)

#7- Austria (December 2012)

#6- Germany (November 2012)

#5- France (May 2012)

#4- Ireland (May 2012)

#3- Wales (April 2012)

#2- Scotland (April 2012)

#1- England (April 2012)
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In the final accounting, when a man has gone to admire fine actions in stories and cry at imaginary miseries,
what more can be asked of him? Is he not satisfied with himself? Does he not applaud his fine soul? Has he
not acquitted himself of all that he owes to virtue by the homage he has just rendered it? What more could
one want of him? That he practice it himself? He has no role to play. He is no actor.
Rousseau, Letter to D'Alembert and Writing for the Theatre, 1758)
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