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The U-PM Music Shows
This page introduces the U-PM shows- c.30 minute broadcasts devoted to a particular country or tradition.
Each show features three recordings- those that in my view are the most outstanding examples that I’ve
found in my 20+ years of collecting. The selection may include 78s, LPs, tapes and CDs, originals and
reissues, and some tracks familiar to enthusiasts, if not to anyone else. The idea is to focus attention on a
small number of exemplary tracks from a specific country/tradition, and not perpetuate the jumble of styles
and lengthy listings that characterize many reissues, exhilarating though that approach can be. Read more
below, or jump straight to the
U-PM Music Show Index.
The show format is designed to break away from often ponderous, reverential treatments of old world music.
Each show opens and concludes with a piece of music as far removed from the country/tradition at hand as
can be imagined (and I mean Judy Garland or Kanye West, not Madagascar). The aim is to build bridges and
creativity, and refuse to keep everything segregated. Where available, information is provided on dates,
labels etc, but the goal is to clear the way for delight in the music itself, not get distracted by technical details.

The shows start in England, where I’m from, and continues through Europe and around the world. Each show’s
page lists additional tracks from that country/tradition which I regard as outstanding; the aim being to build the
kind of resource outlined on the
Ambition page. Some may disagree with my selections, but that is the point.
Others are encouraged to contribute their own comments and track suggestions to make the listings as
comprehensive and compelling as possible. If a track is available on a contemporary format, a link is provided
to the label’s website.

However extensive a single collection might be, the vision of U-PM is to use the power of the Internet to build
awareness and access that no one person could ever achieve, and make this much neglected, unpopular
music popular and inspiring once again.
Note on Copyright.
Most of the recordings featured on U-PM are either in the public domain or would be regarded as orphan
works. Excerpts from selected contemporary tracks are restricted to artists represented by the American
Society for Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP), from which U-PM has a website/mobile app license.  
Some of the vintage recordings included in the shows, particularly on the CD reissues, are now copyrighted
by the reissuing firm, even as they may sidestep ownership by major and minor labels. Given the typically
minuscule sales of old world music, and the vast troves of forgotten 78s and LPs, U-PM's goal is to
dramatically increase popular interest, and boost the business of reissuing firms. If you are a copyright
holder and have a question about the site, please contact
© Copyright U-PM 2010-14
For coverage of additional classic tracks, not organized by country, please see the U-PM Now pages.