About U-PM Now

U-PM Now is a branch of the Un-Popular Music site. U-PM Now has two components:

  • U-PM Classics
  • U-PM Old World Music Criticism

U-PM Classics presents track-by-track examples of outstanding old world music recordings. This complements the U-PM Music Shows, which focus on single countries. By contrast, U-PM Classics showcase tracks in no particular order- just fantastic music from all over the world. Tracks come from 78s and LPs, as well as CD reissues, all in my collection.

The premise of U-PM Old World Music Criticism is that too many reviews of old world music get carried away by the grainy photographs and “lovingly preserved” recordings and pronounce everything a “wonderful reissue.” The musical perspective of the 21st century listener is our true vantage point but few are willing to take it seriously. Old world music needs less reverence, more criticism. That’s the only way to get old world music into the mainstream, which is U-PM’s big goal.

U-PM Classics and U-PM Old World Music Criticism reviews are featured on the same page.

See the main U-PM site for more background on vintage world music recordings, including the country-by-country U-PM shows.

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